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Benefits of Massage Therapy
The benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching.  As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions including:
Pain Relief - Massage helps remove the feeling of pain in the body by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body's feel-good hormones. Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body also increases circulation and increases the rate of repair to a damaged/overused area.  Because massage relieves pain regardless of cause, by depressing the nervous system, it also lessens the body's need for pain-killing medication.
Decreased Stress and Anxiety - Most of us experience stress in varying levels on a day-to-day basis. Stress is not good for the health because it makes our muscles tense and bunch up, causing pain. Also, it makes the organs of our body function under duress. That is never good.  Another type of hormones that massage helps to release is called cortisol, which is responsible for lowering the stress levels of the body. With lowered stress levels, the body becomes more capable of healing itself. It also Lowers Blood Pressure, allows the body to breathe more properly and lessens feelings of anxiety.
Arthritis - Manipulation of the muscles through massage aids in loosening and relaxing stiffened muscles. Inflammatory afflictions such as arthritis and tendinitis can also be treated using massage.
Improved Circulation - The circulation of blood in the body is enhanced through massage. Improved circulation means improved supply of nutrients to individual cells of the body, not to mention improved transport of wastes from these cells.  Improved circulation also leads to clearer, softer and healthier skin, as the skin cells become more nourished with oxygen and nutrients.
Weight Loss - It is said that massage helps break down accumulated fat underneath the skin, thus aiding weight loss.
Increased Immune Function - Massage also aids in the stimulation of the lymphatic system, boosting the body's immunity and natural defense mechanisms. A healthy lymphatic system means less susceptibility to various illnesses and the body's heightened ability to heal itself.
Improved Concentration - With massage, the mind is made to feel calm and relaxed. Such a state of the mind is good for enhancing focus and improving concentration, thereby making the mind more creative and productive. Massage also makes the mind aware of the body, allowing it to recognize more quickly its needs and possible afflictions.
Increase Relaxation - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Improve Balance - by increasing the awareness of how your body feels and where your body needs help.
Increase Overall Energy - by increasing the blood flow, circulation of nutrients, and removal toxins, the body feels energized and performs more efficiently.
Bring awareness of your body - full-body massage brings your awareness to areas of the body that were otherwise never touched, never known to be tense or painful, or never realized the potential for use.  Chronic pain dulls the body, thereby cutting off receptors in the skin and muscles.
Help reduce injury or overuse - receiving regular massages as maintenance, comfort, a treat, recovery, pain management, or various other reasons allows the overall function of the body to improve. Muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments, respiratory function, heart function, immune function, organ function, lymphatic flow, and elimination processes all perform better and allow you as the client to perform better and recover faster from exercise and daily routines.
Depression - Massage fulfills the body's need for touch. Regular massage improves emotional well-being by allowing the person to feel cared for and nurtured. Such not only lowers stress levels but also reduces a person's tendency to feel anxious and sink into depression.
Improved Flexibility & Posture - Regular massage improves the flexibility of the joints by lengthening muscle tissue and breaking up scar tissue.  This makes the body more capable of a wider range of movements. Fluidity of movement brought about by regular massage also reduces the probability of getting muscle injuries. It also improves posture.


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We trust Kris and Melissa completely. They have been a huge help to my whole family. Melissa's prenatal care helped my baby stay in the correct position, greatly easing my birth. With my first two, they were sunny-side up, and it is no fun birthing that way! Melissa has been a huge help in assisting my recovery from a concussion. My kids see Kris for dislocated fingers, sprained ankles, sprained knee, etc. They are always right as rain within hours to a day or two. And, chiropractic has helped with my teenage daughter's process of having her food allergies cleared.

Sean M.
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